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Atlant Soyuz that is also known as Moscow Airlines based in the Moscow city, Russia, is operating local and international passengers. This airline is providing flight services from Vnukovo International Airport. The airline provided services till 2010 with the old name. Nowadays, this airline is known as Atlant Soyuz.

The Atlant Soyuz founded as Atlant-Soyuz Airlines OJSC. It started the flight operations in 1993. This airline is famous for the flight operations to carry travelers as well as cargo flights. The Soviet-build aircrafts have been used by this famous airline for the operations. In 2006, Atlant Soyuz added a Boeing aircraft for the expansion of services. In 2007, private investors bought the shares of Atlant Soyuz. They got 75% shares of this airline. This airline had a total of 726 employees at this time. Initially, Evergreen International Airlines planned to make a joint business agreement that was not signed.


In 2010, this airline got the name of Moscow Airlines once again. In the same year, all the Ilyushin Il 76 aircrafts that were being used for cargo services removed. This step ended the dedicated cargo operations and services. In 2011, Atlant Soyuz discontinued all the flight operations and activities. It happened because of liquidation. At this time following aircrafts were in use.

  • Boeing 737-800
  • Ilyushin Il-76
  • Ilyushin Il-96
  • Boeing 737-300

The airline is still present in the field but with the limited services. However, there is news about the Atlant Soyuz that it will retake once again. As a matter of fact, the year 2012 was a good time for this airline. In this year, it got the registration and license back after clearing the liquidation. Today, Atlant Soyuz is considered the best among all the Russian airlines operating domestic as well as cargo routes.

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