Athens Airways flight schedule

Athens Airways is Greek domestic airline. It has headquartered in Koropi that is a famous area of Athens. The airline is being used to provide connection between following areas.

  • Alexandroupoli
  • Athens
  • Thessaloniki
  • Greek islands

The Athens Airways is also offering chartered domestic flights. The Athens Airways founded in 2008 has a great status in national economy. 31 January 2009, the Athens Airways started to provide domestic passenger services.


Greek CAA exposed Athens Airways as a best airline that provides sufficient services to the passengers. The Athens Airways faced many difficulties after the exposure but it continued the excellent air travel services as a domestic career in Athens. These are the routes and airports where Athens Airways provides services.

  • Agios Kirykos & Ikaria Island National Airport
  • Rhodes & Rhodes Intl. Airport
  • Skiathos &  Skiathos I. N Airport
  • Alexandroupoli & Alexandroupolis International Airport
  • Chania & Chania Intl. Airport
  • Fira & Santorini N.l. Airport
  • Argostoli & Kefalonia I. International Airport
  • Athens & Athens Intl.l Airport
  • Heraklion & Heraklion Intl. Airport
  • Mykonos & Mykonos Airport
  • Myrina & Lemnos International Airport
  • Karpathos & Karpathos I. N. Airport
  • Kythira & Kithira I. N. Airport
  • Mytilene & Mytilene Intl. Airport
  • Thessaloniki & Thessaloniki Intl. Airport
  • Zakynthos & Zakynthos Intl. Airport

After seeing this list the passengers can decide what services they should take for the comfortable trips and tours in Athens. Nowadays, the Athens Airways is being controlled by the public private partnership. Most of the shares of this airline are in hands of government. However, 44 % have been purchased by the private investment groups. The most amazing news about the Athens Airways is the domestic air travel in low costs but with excellent services.

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Athens Airways Flight Status, Athens Airways Route

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