Flights from Spokane to Berkeley

Flight schedule from Spokane United States to Berkeley United States (GEG to JBK) on Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines. The lowest fare for the route from Spokane to Berkeley is on starting from $248. The average flight time is around 2h 5 mins.
This time don't include Layover time at airport.
Did you know?
  • At least (3) airlines operate flights from Spokane to Berkeley
  • At least (11) flights schedule from Spokane to Berkeley
  • The longest flight time from Spokane to Berkeley is on Southwest Airlines in 3h 50 mins
  • The shortest flight time from Spokane to Berkeley is on Southwest Airlines in 2h 5 mins
  • The best current ticket price from Spokane to Berkeley is $248 on Southwest Airlines

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Flights schedules from Spokane to Berkeley

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Airline Flight Number Departure Arrival Price
Southwest Airlines WN1199 GEG 17:30 OAK 19:35 $436
Southwest Airlines WN672 GEG 18:10 OAK 20:15 $400
Southwest Airlines WN949 GEG 07:50 OAK 10:00 $384
Alaska Airlines AS693 GEG 14:05 OAK 17:57 Detail
Alaska Airlines AS693 GEG14:05 SEA 15:02 $356
Alaska Airlines AS344 SEA16:05 OAK 17:57 $207
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Alaska Airlines AS2349 GEG 18:30 OAK 23:20 Detail
Alaska Airlines AS2349 GEG18:30 SEA 19:38 $328
Alaska Airlines AS350 SEA21:25 OAK 23:20 $123
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Delta Air Lines DL2085 GEG 06:10 OAK 10:39 Detail
Delta Air Lines DL2085 GEG06:10 SLC 08:52 $335
Delta Air Lines DL1082 SLC09:45 OAK 10:39 $129
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Southwest Airlines WN4442 GEG 14:15 OAK 19:00 Detail
Southwest Airlines WN4442 GEG14:15 LAS 16:35 $380
Southwest Airlines WN1162 LAS17:30 OAK 19:00 $108
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Southwest Airlines WN539 GEG 07:15 OAK 12:05 Detail
Southwest Airlines WN539 GEG07:15 LAS 09:30 $157
Southwest Airlines WN4546 LAS10:40 OAK 12:05 $91
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Southwest Airlines WN4532 GEG 15:20 OAK 20:15 Detail
Southwest Airlines WN4532 GEG15:20 BOI 17:20 $356
Southwest Airlines WN473 BOI19:35 OAK 20:15 $384
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Delta Air Lines DL1155 GEG 13:15 OAK 21:52 Detail
Delta Air Lines DL1155 GEG13:15 SLC 15:46 $311
Delta Air Lines DL1253 SLC20:50 OAK 21:52 $180
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Alaska Airlines AS2445 GEG 07:00 OAK 12:02 Detail
Alaska Airlines AS2445 GEG07:00 SEA 08:14 $199
Alaska Airlines AS346 SEA10:05 OAK 12:02 $178
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* Prices, flight times and schedules for flights from Spokane to Berkeley may change. Please search on specific dates for actual schedule.

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