Flights from Paris to Milan

Flight schedule from Paris France to Milan Italy (CDG to LIN) on Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa, KLM Royal Dutch, .. The lowest fare for the route from Paris to Milan is on starting from $145. The average flight time is around 1h 30 min. This time don't include Layover time at airport.

  • At least (4) airlines operate flights from Paris to Milan
  • At least (12) flights schedule from Paris to Milan
  • The longest flight for this route is on KLM Royal Dutch in 2h 55min
  • The best current ticket price from Paris to Milan is $145 on Air France

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Flights schedules from Paris to Milan

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Airline Flight Number Departure Arrival Price
Air France AF1212 CDG 07:07 LIN 08:07 $233
Air France AF1812 CDG 08:07 LIN 10:07 $201
Air France AF1012 CDG 12:07 LIN 14:07 $161
Air France AF1712 CDG 14:07 LIN 16:07 $231
Air France AF1312 CDG 18:07 LIN 19:07 $203
Air France AF1512 CDG 19:07 LIN 21:07 $145
Alitalia AZ305 CDG 09:07 LIN 11:07 $197
Alitalia AZ313 CDG 15:07 LIN 16:07 $214
Alitalia AZ311 CDG 20:07 LIN 22:07 $162
Lufthansa LH1043 CDG 18:07 LIN 22:07
Lufthansa LH1053 CDG 06:07 LIN 09:07
KLM Royal Dutch KL1244 CDG 18:07 LIN 22:07

* Prices, flight times and schedules for flights from Paris to Milan may change. Please search on specific dates for actual schedule.