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Flights from Lyon to Lanza

Flight schedule from Lyon France to Lanza Portugal (LYS to OPO) on EasyJet, TAP Portugal, Portugalia Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, Multiple Airlines, .. The lowest fare for the route from Lyon to Lanza is on starting from $140. The average flight time is around 2h 0 min. This time don't include Layover time at airport.

Did you know?

  • At least (6) airlines operate flights from Lyon to Lanza
  • At least (9) flights schedule from Lyon to Lanza
  • The longest flight for this route is on Brussels Airlines in 12h 48min
  • The best current ticket price from Lyon to Lanza is $140 on EasyJet

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Flights from Lyon to Lanza

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Airline Flight Number Departure Arrival Price
EasyJet LYS 05:04 OPO 07:04 $140
TAP Portugal LYS 14:04 OPO 19:04 $290
TAP Portugal LYS 17:04 OPO 19:04 $305
Portugalia Airlines LYS 08:04 OPO 10:04 $288
Brussels Airlines LYS 13:04 OPO 02:04 $308
Brussels Airlines LYS 12:04 OPO 14:04 $313
Lufthansa LYS 12:04 OPO 17:04 $444
Lufthansa LYS 10:04 OPO 12:04 $429
Multiple Airlines LYS 14:04 OPO 21:04 $575

* Prices, flight times and schedules for flights from Lyon to Lanza may change. Please search on specific dates for actual schedule.