Flights from Brussels to Nice

Flight schedule from Brussels Belgium to Nice Germany (BRU to NCE) on Brussels Airlines, EasyJet, Jetairfly, .. The lowest fare for the route from Brussels to Nice is on starting from $96. The average flight time is around 1h 40 min. This time don't include Layover time at airport.

  • At least (3) airlines operate flights from Brussels to Nice
  • At least (10) flights schedule from Brussels to Nice
  • The longest flight for this route is on EasyJet in 1h 50min
  • The best current ticket price from Brussels to Nice is $96 on EasyJet

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Flights schedules from Brussels to Nice

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Airline Flight Number Departure Arrival Price
Brussels Airlines SN3615 BRU 06:07 NCE 08:07 $112
EasyJet U24094 BRU 13:07 NCE 15:07 $121
Brussels Airlines SN3617 BRU 09:07 NCE 10:07 $113
Brussels Airlines SN3619 BRU 12:07 NCE 13:07 $122
Jetairfly JAF1843 BRU 13:07 NCE 14:07 $186
Brussels Airlines SN3621 BRU 14:07 NCE 15:07 $119
Jetairfly JAF7701 BRU 13:07 NCE 15:07 $262
Jetairfly JAF5601 BRU 13:07 NCE 15:07 $239
EasyJet U24096 BRU 20:07 NCE 22:07 $96
Brussels Airlines SN3623 BRU 19:07 NCE 21:07 $109

* Prices, flight times and schedules for flights from Brussels to Nice may change. Please search on specific dates for actual schedule.