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Flight distance from Pittsburgh to Montego Bay

2447 kilometers / 1520 miles
or 1321 nautical miles.

Your flight will depart from Pittsburgh airport (40° 26' 26" N,79° 59' 45" W) and land at Montego Bay airport (18° 30' 6'' N,77° 54' 45'' W).

Pittsburgh and Montego Bay are in the same time zone and have the same time throughout the year. Learn more about the time difference between Pittsburgh and Montego Bay.

How far between Pittsburgh to Montego Bay?

Your starting point Pittsburgh, United States is located at (40.4406248, -79.9958864).
Your ending point Montego Bay, Jamaica is located at (18.501944, -77.912)
Total distance from Pittsburgh to Montego Bay is 2447 kms equals to 1520.5 miles and 1321.27 nautical miles.

Disclaimers: there may be NO flights or direct flights from Pittsburgh to Montego Bay, so in that case, the information should be just considered as "distance-only" calculation from Pittsburgh to Montego Bay.

Pittsburgh Montego Bay
Latitude: 40° 26' 26" N (40.4406248) Latitude: 18° 30' 6'' N (18.501944)
Longitude: 79° 59' 45" W (-79.9958864) Longitude: 77° 54' 45'' W (-77.912)
Country: United States, US Country: Jamaica, JM
Continent: North America Continent: Central America and the Caribbean
Timezone: America/New_York (-05:00 GMT) Timezone: America/Jamaica (-05:00 GMT)

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